Speak Up: With lawmakers back to work, what issues are you hoping they tackle?


The second leg of the Delaware General Assembly’s 152nd legislative session began Jan. 9. So far, members have sworn in a new representative, Valerie Jones Giltner, and discussed the Israel-Hamas conflict and medical marijuana eligibility, among other topics. What do you think lawmakers should focus on this session? What continuing issues should be debated before the 2024 general election in November?

  • Term limits would be a great start. Then, the power the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has without the say of voters on rules and regulations. — Jeff Grzeszczak
  • Helping with continuing-flooding areas. School lunch programs for all students. More school protection for our students in school. Stricter fines and prison time for repeat DUI offenses. Hiring of more state troopers. — Denise Bella
  • Stop the unconstitutional permit to purchase. Focus on fixing education, where we have fallen precipitously from middle of the pack to bottom among the states in six years. — David Anderson
  • We’ll be holding an informational meeting on gun laws ... Firearms Technical Assistance Project and permit to purchase. The FTAP was passed, and permit to purchase is a looming bill. — Women’s Defense Coalition
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