Speak Up: Resource center for homeless to open in Dover


The Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing will open a resource center for people experiencing homelessness this month, aiming to fill critical gaps in assistance that grew wider during the pandemic. The group is seeking to set the Interfaith Center at 630 W. Division St. apart from similar facilities by offering a wider variety of services and by staying open later and for more days each week. Further, plans are to convert a sizable portion of the 56,760-square-foot building into permanent housing for individuals and families.

  • I’m glad to hear they are getting back to providing these so badly needed services. We never closed for a single day at People’s Community Center. Pandemic or no pandemic, these folks need to eat and have shelter, services and supplies. It’s nice to know that we will finally have some help out here. It’s been a rough three years. The organizations getting the bulk of the funding aren’t necessarily doing the bulk of the work. — Sue Harris
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