Speak Up: Permit to purchase, needed or not? Round 3


  • The law says that a vehicle can be used as a deadly weapon. We are required to get a license to drive after reaching a certain age and after taking driver’s ed, in most cases. If we want to drive a bigger vehicle, you must get trained and then prove you capable to drive that vehicle and you'll get an endorsement on your license. This is called a CDL. Why can't we do the same for guns? Training required for smaller guns and if you want to purchase bigger guns you must prove that you have been trained and gone through the required background checks. This won't stop anyone from owning a gun. It might stop someone who has a spur-of-the-moment decision to buy a gun one day and shoot someone the next. — Stan Sipple
  • I opposed Senate Bill 2. Tax dollars shouldn’t be used for gun permits. If you can afford a gun, you can afford a permit. The $10 million this bill will cost could be used for job training, schools, the homeless, etc. If these senators want to fund this bill, they can use their money. If the state purchased the permit, and that gun was used in a crime, would the state and those that voted for this bill be held responsible, like you hold the gun manufacturers for? I think this bill will only increase illegal gun purchases. I say, three years in jail for any gun crime, be it a shooting, robbery, possession prohibited. No plea bargaining, unsecured bail, released on own recognizance. To get tough on crime, you have to get tough on criminals. All legal gun purchases go through a background check anyway. We don’t need any more gun laws. Enforce the ones we have. This only hurts the law-abiding citizens. — Terry Perkins

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