Speak Up: No lease renewal for Thunder, Round 2


Delaware Thunder president and general manager Charles Pens hopes this isn’t the squad’s last season at The Centre Ice Arena.

Even though Delaware State Fair officials say there’s no lease renewal for the 2023-24 ice hockey campaign, he says, “You hold out hope (for a return) because, without hope, you have nothing.”

On March 24, the fair’s assistant general manager and director of marketing Danny Aguilar said arena use will revert to the public programs utilized prior to the Thunder’s arrival. The Thunder’s lease will not be extended, he confirmed.

  • I just moved to the state and was thrilled to see that there was a hockey team. Now, you’re trying to take that away. I have been to a couple of games, and I really love the atmosphere that supports this team. Now, I’m supposed to go to Maryland or New Jersey? This state needs to get it together on so many levels. — Lisa Franchini
  • Thunder held ALS Nights this year and last. We raised over $5,000 towards helping fund equipment and treatments. This decision hurts the community, and we lose our only pro team south of the canal. This is ridiculous. — Bill O’Brien
  • This is more than just a hockey team. They do so much for Harrington and our youth. Not to mention all the charities they support. Maybe if they won’t support the Thunder, maybe we shouldn’t support the fair. I really hope the fair wakes up and realizes what they are taking away. — Kenny Brode
  • Advertisement would help. We used to go on weekend nights. When do they play their games? Where are their promotions? — Chuck Holliday
  • It would be like Delaware to lose something else that is good. If only there were a civic center in Dover, instead of a library. — Bob Hice
  • What a shame. Pro hockey is a hidden treasure in Harrington. Who knew there were so many great hockey fans here? The fans love the Thunder and have helped give back to the community — $2,730 to the Tunnels to Towers Foundation, $2,400 to the B+ Foundation’s fight against childhood cancer, $2,215 to the local amyotrophic lateral sclerosis foundation, just this ’22-’23 season, plus more to local military and first responders. I hope fans continue the support and press the Delaware State Fair to let the Thunder stay until Dover plans are complete. #rollthunder — Sabrina Fite
  • Nothing unusual. They did the same thing years ago with pro wrestling events there. — Juan Valdez
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