Speak Up: New Caesar Rodney High principal arrives enthusiastically


Principal Freeman Williams III is connecting with students one fist bump at a time. Or perhaps it’s a handshake or a quick chat, as they walk through Caesar Rodney High School’s hallways. That positivity is key for the administrator, taking on a new role in the school district he’s worked in 25 years.

  • He is amazing. The high school is so blessed to have him. — Dez Nemo
  • Congratulations, Mr. Williams! — Kaylee Sue
  • My son had him as a teacher at W.B. Simpson Elementary School. He is hands down the best teacher I’ve ever seen. Love to see him making his way through the Caesar Rodney district. Congratulations, Mr. Williams. Caesar Rodney High School is blessed to have you! — Tina Lester Shelton Luff
  • I’m not even in the Caesar Rodney district, and I have heard so many great things about Freeman Williams in his career. He must be one of the best! — Nicole Kaye
  • Congratulations, Mr. Williams! Caesar Rodney High School students and staff are in good hands! Enjoy your journey! — Debbie Hool Bones
  • Congratulations! So excited for you! I love your positivity and energy for the students and staff! — Sylvia Moniodes Henderson
  • Mr. Williams is an amazing person. The high school is so lucky to have him. I miss him at Nellie H. Stokes Elementary School. I wish him nothing but the best. He deserves the best. He has a huge heart for kids! — Laurie Robinson
  • Yes, that’s my guy! He was the best teacher I had when I was in elementary school. Gave me the biggest impact on my life! — Jadyn Jenkins
  • Started my teaching career across the hall from him, and he sure ran a great classroom! — Bartie Smart Kelly
  • Congratulations. Happy for you and your family and all the lives you have and will continue to touch. Now, thank you for your service. — Ernest Brinkley
  • He has an awesome personality. He always talks to me in the hallway. No, I am not a student. Nighttime staff. Yes, he is there from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. sometimes. — Bart Winkinson
  • Stand-up guy! Good luck. — Shawn Smith
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