Speak Up: Milford school board strikes restorative practices


The Milford school board on July 31 struck from the student code of conduct a statement promoting a disciplinary method that focuses on conflict resolution and fostering positive social relationships.

Board members voted unanimously to remove a section encouraging teachers and staff to use restorative practices from the codes of conduct for elementary and secondary schools. The vote did not include any comments from board members on their decisions.

The move, which came almost exactly one year after the passage was adopted, was met with dismay from community members, who said the methods help build positive school environments.

  • Back to the basics, yes! — Kim Petters
  • I really do not understand what happened and what changed. — Chuck Holliday
  • No comment on it because they realize it is an absolute joke and making the system even worse. Who would have thought that was possible? — Leighann Newman Hinkle (Tom)
  • Excellent, as it should be. — John W. Mitchell Sr.
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