Speak Up: How do you celebrate Halloween?


Last month, we wrote a variety of stories about paranormal activities leading up to Halloween. How do you celebrate the holiday? What kind of decor do you use around your home? How are your children dressing up? Share your traditions with us.

  • Birthday cake! — Gary Sparks
  • For 48 years of our 50-year marriage, my hubby fully decorated our garage to make a walk-in haunted house for the children to enjoy. So many moving scary items. Blowups. And we always gave big candy bars and chip bags. But now, in our 70s, last year, no more. But my grandson came to help us with outside blowups, and they are so magical. The children miss it so much. But we still give big candy and bags of chips. My hubby still gets dressed up as a vampire. It is still fun. — Denise Bella
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