Speak Up: Harrington family decked its yard for charity


The holiday spirit was back and better than ever with the Schatzschneider family’s second annual Christmas light show. After its success in 2022, the owners of the Andrewville Road residence wanted to continue providing a large light display to the community. This holiday, it included five seasonal songs provided via an FM radio station and even more illumination.

  • This is a must-see. — Brian Whitaker Sr.
  • This is awesome. I have been a couple times already and plan to go again. Thank you. — Chris Jacob Carmine
  • This is an amazing Christmas light display. — Susan Passwaters Voss
  • A must-see this season. Thank you, Schatzschneiders. — Connie Fox
  • John was our landlord for a short time and what a nice person! — Gail Ingram-Smith
  • It was awesome. — Sally Edwards
  • Very pretty display in the local area. — Bob Bunch
  • Outstanding show. Also has parking. — Roland Cohee
  • This is good! We went last year and plan on going tomorrow night, too. — Heather Strickland
  • It’s awesome. — Tommy Eliason
  • John is an excellent person. Definitely not out of character, for he’s doing things like this for no personal benefits other than just doing the right thing. — Gloria Maynard
  • We can see his lights from our house, but there is also another man, a veteran, who lives around the corner with a much different display. And he also collects for a veterans’ charity on High Stump Road. — Crystal Hain Rotkiske
  • It’s a great setup and display. — Mindy Ellis
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