Speak Up: Dover reinstitutes ‘intake form’ for community grievances


For the first time in almost a decade, residents will soon have a way to submit concerns to the city’s community relations commission, according to a City Council member. The Dover Human Relations Commission’s “intake form” has been reinstated, Councilman Roy Sudler Jr. said at a Nov. 9 town hall meeting at City Hall.

  • I have been following these meetings on podcast by a “Ms. Bonita,” and intake forms are the least of the worries Mr. Sudler should have. What is he really doing to help us in the minority community? He is all talk, no action. Stop being prideful and get to work in the 4th District, you and David Anderson. Stop patting one another on the back for doing nothing. I am an African American and proud but tired of others from the same race as me not protecting or fighting for what’s right and being selfish. — Charlie Williams
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