Speak Up: Dover couple’s backyard a catalyst for feline fun


For three years, passersby have been asking about the sprawling, two-story structure being built in John Kays’ backyard.

As a developer, Mr. Kays is no stranger to construction. And his “catio” project — erected for his pets — isn’t his first big undertaking, nor the first to draw questions from curious neighbors.

The catio is a series of screened-in structures in which the felines can play and relax. The castle portion is the largest of these, a multilevel maze of ramps and platforms. A hammock with enough room for both cats dangles from the ceiling, while there’s also a small table with a pair of chairs should humans want to join.

  • My furbabies need this. — Teri Oals Wright
  • Tell Jim to get busy. — Marian Knowles
  • Looks like you! — Hannah Williamson Webb

How do you pamper your pets?

A Dover couple’s pets are the cool cats of the neighborhood with a “catio” castle their owner built them — a multistory screened structure with ramps, a hammock and high perches that allow the felines to overlook the yard and street. How have you creatively pampered the pets in your life?

  • I am 70. I have a 4-year-old German shepherd and a 7-year-old Aussie. Every eight weeks, a groomer comes to my home and makes them beautiful. They are housedogs. The German also is still learning to be my physical support dog. Helps me up and down stairs. Out of chairs. So, for them both, I have an excellent recipe. I cook their homemade foods. They have radiant, glossy coats. So healthy. Each has a huge bed. They are assets to my life. — Denise Sloboda Deskiewicz
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