Speak Up: Billings home creates controversy in Milford


The city of Milford has grown to know the name Annette Billings. She is a Milford native fighting to keep her property in a legal battle of eminent domain. The city is attempting to use the land on South Rehoboth Boulevard to create a bike path. In September, City Council voted to condemn the property for compensation of $20,000. However, Ms. Billings believes the land is worth more than that and is fighting to keep it.

  • I am writing to express my sincere disgust with the Milford City Council to force Ms. Annette Billings out of her land in Milford. Government has been overstepping its bounds more and more, and this is a clear example of such. This is nothing more than bullying their way to get their own agendas fulfilled, regardless of those they hurt along the way, all in the name of community improvements. This land-grab is inexcusable, and very few (if any) residents in this area support such mess. I hope someone steps in and helps Ms. Billings save her land. — Tina K.
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