Speak Up: Are required AP classes beneficial?


The Appoquinimink School District has implemented a required Advanced Placement human geography course for ninth grade students at its three high schools. Since its first offering at Odessa High School during the 2020-21 year, district leaders say more students have enrolled in other AP courses and that the move has provided children with additional opportunities in preparation for college. The change did come with initial pushback from parents, who were uneasy about their freshman students taking a college-level course. How would required AP courses during the first year of high school be helpful? Should other schools follow suit? Why or why not?

  • Advanced Placement courses aren’t for everyone. How are special education students supported? There is a fee for taking the AP exam. What if families don’t have the funds to pay for the exam? — Victoria Fitzhugh-Zebley
  • Why aren’t the news outlets talking about something that gives kids employable skills after high school? Vocational education has worked for many and continues to be in demand. — Howard Gaines III
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