SOCIAL COMMENTARY: Driving Privilege Card


Sunday’s Commentary by Charito Calvachi-Mateyko, co-chairwoman of the Delaware Hispanic Commission, on the new Delaware law that allows undocumented residents a Driving Privilege Card resulted in these responses:

•So, how does “giving” drivers licenses to illegals make the roads safer? Because it’s not like they’re now going to purchase insurance. The disconnect of the mind of politicians is truly baffling. And here I thought you had to be a resident of a state to get a drivers license. Now they’re giving them to people of unknown origin. Where I, as a resident of this state all my life, had to produce a birth certificate and many other forms of identification just to renew my license. — Steve Durnan

•So undocumented immigrants AKA illegal immigrants will use this benefit and be able to legally drive and pay car insurance? Why even have immigration laws and processes?? I’m sure this program will really make these people feel obligated to pay for insurance, but hey it’s OK. U.S. taxpayers and legal citizens will foot the bill! — Edward Graves Jr

•I am confused these days because those in charge of law enforcement seem to pick and choose what laws they want to enforce. It always seems that people like me (law-abiding taxpayer) are left holding the crappy end of the stick.

I don’t hear about other countries, south of our border issuing such cards to people in their country illegally. We Americans carry so much guilt, it seems, that we’ll fall for just about anything if we think we’re helping others. — Bob Hartman

•There is no limit to the depths liberals will go to alter common definitions. Illegal means not permitted to do it. That is, these illegal invaders are not permitted to be here at all, let alone drive. I am going to save this list of sponsors and send them a letter every time an illegal is caught driving illegally. I’m betting they will be tired of my mail in less than a year. — Dennis Mehrenberg

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