SOCIAL COMMENTARY: Caesar Rodney referendum debate


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Wednesday’s story about the Caesar Rodney School District proposed referendum elicited these responses:

•I support the district 100 percent. They have made cuts where appropriate for the past seven or eight years due to the decrease of federal dollars without cutting the level of education being provided. Support for the referendum is support for future generations to learn, grow and succeed. Rider Pride! — Kevin Yingling

•It would be great to live in a world where the administration and staff could voice their opinions and thoughts here, without fear of being fired. The public would get the true story about where the money is being misspent and allocated. Teachers should be paid more than corrections officers, lobbyists and law makers. I hear politicians and lobbyists talk all the time about improving our future by better educating our youth, yet none of them seem to understand that you need to incentivize the most brilliant minds to be in the classroom. The teachers I know can barely support their families, yet they work harder than every single one of my “rich” friends. They’re also better people. — Greg Austin

•How about reducing the number of administrators? Every time you turn around, another administrator is added. Teachers do need to be paid a decent salary but to compare them to correctional officers is off. Correctional officers deal with convicted violent offenders every day. Teachers deal with our children — some of whom are in need of “stricter lifestyles” shall we say, but most are good kids. — Sandy Johnson

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