Sipple: Action needed now to secure bridges


Michael J. Chajes’ Opinion on the future of engineering to make bridges safer was very enlightening (“Key Bridge failure teaching future engineers"). My main concern is we need to do something now to prevent another tragedy from happening.

Recently, they have said that the same thing could happen to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Imagine that happening to that bridge, especially on a summer day or night. We need action now!

I think an immediate answer and something that can be started on day one is to make it mandatory for tugboats to escort all large cargo ships under these bridges until they are safely past. I’m not an expert on tugboats, but I think they are powerful enough to push a ship in the right direction, if something should go wrong.

If this idea is feasible, then let’s start it now. Give the public some peace of mind that something is being done to ensure their safety. For some, it’s scary enough driving over these bridges.

Stan Sipple


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