LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump would bring the wrong kind of change

In my effort to better understand the man, I went to what I felt would be a reliable source: The Catholic Vote.org. They went first and looked at his Twitter account, and what they found there was his insults, lies and attacks on anyone who disagrees with him. They also looked at his past personal life regarding his number of wives and how he belittled John McCain for being a prisoner. The site also pointed out politically in the past he was a liberal Democrat, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-universal health care, pro-government bailouts and a financial backer and friend of Hillary until he decided to run as a Republican. As a leader, he claims he can deliver on many issues but refuses to explain how, but instead, promises to use force or work around or outside the law. If I’m not mistaken, that’s exactly what we have now in the White House. He has demonstrated, when making deals, they tend to benefit him personally. He bailed out on four of his own casinos to shield himself from impending bankruptcies. Let us not forget, although it’s not written about, his other failures: Trump Magazine, Trump Airlines, Trump Steakhouse, Trump Vodka and his famous Trump University. He has continually agreed with big government by abusing private-property rights. One prime example was his effort to try to displace an elderly widow, Vera Coking, to build a parking lot, through eminent domain, for a New Jersey casino — the same casino he eventually put into bankruptcy. Mr. Trump’s ideas, as unrealistic and impossible as they are, are a recent convenient conversion regarding his illegal-immigration concepts. If you remember, back in 2012, Mr. Trump criticized Mitt Romney for being too harsh on immigration. Although illegal immigration is a critical problem, it can’t be solved Mr. Trump’s way; it’ll need the approval of the House and Senate. And as for his claim to fight the “establishment,” it wasn’t that long ago he boasted of how he played the game, paying off politicians and enriching himself in the process. It should be remembered, as recently as 2000, he was firmly pro-choice, refused to oppose partial-birth abortion and openly subsidized Planned Parenthood that we now know was an abortion giant selling baby body parts. I think it’s important to understand, although many of us are looking for change in a government that seems to no longer serve us. That change won’t come about by words of, what sounds like, a fear-mongering business mogul. We need to find a candidate who would take action based on our best hopes and the country’s needs, not someone who, instead, appeals to our worst fears. We’ve already had one president who was elected based on his promise to fundamentally change America. We all know how that turned out. It’s time to wake up, America, and know the person you’re voting for before you vote.

Paul St. Andre Ocean City, Md.

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