Letter to the Editor: Roads continue to be paralyzed around Rehoboth, Lewes


It’s utterly amazing the boondoggle created by the Sussex County legislature, allowing the traffic congestion to be what it’s turned into.

Any single serious situation, as today’s on Del. 24, results in a total stoppage on all our roads in this vicinity.

Today, traveling west on Del. 24 from Del. 1, firemen had Del. 24 blocked westbound at Mulberry, directing traffic north to Cedar Grove. All well and good, but no one was directing motorists at Cedar Grove, as the relentless traffic made it very unsafe and difficult to turn.

After about 20 minutes trying to make the left on Cedar Grove, it took a half-hour to make the left on Robinsonville Road. No one there either, and it was extremely difficult and unsafe, too.

All remedies to situations such as these should have been thought out before Planning & Zoning and County Council rubber-stamped recent developments.

If Sussex County wants to become a metropolis, it needs to plan as one. Its lackadaisical remedies of the past “Slower Lower Delaware” are no longer capable.

If the allowed development continues, its gonna be a disaster, particularly in-season.

Someone’s gotta take the lead and inject some common sense into the mix re: the woeful, antiquated Delaware Department of Transportation traffic impact studies and over-approvals of developments, which are resulting in terribly inadequate roadways in and around Sussex County.

It’s incredible that the powers that be continue to try and squeeze 10 pounds of baloney into a 1-pound bag.

Time to consider adopting the one ordinance that would help defuse this craziness, an Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance, already well overdue.

Jerry LaForgia


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