Letter to the Editor: Daytime Sussex roadwork elicits ‘Are you kidding?’ response


Editor’s note: This letter was sent to DelDOT, Sussex County legislators and other officials.

According to the Delaware Department of Transportation, Camp Arrowhead Road between Del. 24 and Angola Road is closed for roadwork from Sept. 19 through Dec. 16 for intersection and paving upgrades to extend turn lanes on all approaches to Del. 24, Angola Road and Camp Arrowhead Road intersections. Detours will be posted.

This is not acceptable when other remedies are available.

We have two ways out of the Angola area. With Camp Arrowhead closed till December, residents, school buses and emergency vehicles will be terribly inconvenienced and safety-challenged.

The only other road would be Angola Road or the dangerous, noncontrolled, tiny, tertiary Jolyns Way.

The suggested alternate, Angola Road, in many cases, without any other closures, takes three to four traffic light changes. Now, with this new construction, the road will be unbearably long and dangerously frustrating.

Doing this work at night would be most sensible. Daytime work shows a total disregard for Angola residents.

It’s time the residents took precedence over costs (which I think should be footed entirely by the developers).

Why is this not being done, as in other areas, in the evenings?

The Department of Transportation’s practices seem to be worsening and worsening.

Jerry LaForgia


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