Letter to the Editor: Jan. 6 hearings highlight parallels of Nixon, Trump


For weeks now, I have been watching the Jan. 6 hearings regarding the attempted overthrow of our government, and they remind me of the Watergate hearings of 50 years ago. There are parallels between the two presidents, Richard Nixon and Donald Trump.

Both presidents were and are insecure and self-centered and believed the world revolves around them. What Richard Nixon did was criminal, and definitely the actions of Donald Trump, before and after the Jan. 6 attempt to overthrow our government, were criminal.

Any other person charged with a similar crime would have already been imprisoned.

Trump and his minions’ actions on Jan. 6 leave a negative mark on our history.

The one reasonable solution is not to allow these treasonable offenses.

These actions should disqualify anyone from seeking the office of president. They must be held accountable.

A president is equal to everyone, no higher in stature and responsible for their own behavior.

Al Liebeskind


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