Letter to the Editor: Candidate ‘is a champion’ for Dover


With great pleasure, this letter comes to go on record as an endorsement for Mr. Brian Lewis for City Council. Mr. Lewis has worked effectively in the community in an official capacity and as a committed citizen.

He brings excellent credentials, experience and great passion to this work, and as a longtime resident of Dover, he has demonstrated in heart, head and deed an intimate knowledge of its citizens’ and community’s needs. I have been privileged to witness firsthand his commitment to ensuring that residents of Kent County, and of Dover specifically, have necessary resources, like affordable housing, quality education, access to food and good-paying jobs.

Mr. Lewis is a champion for those who are most in need and has been an effective voice for our community. He fully understands how to build collaborative relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and he knows how to work together to create positive change. His commitment to good isn’t limited just to people but is extended to the animals in our community, through his volunteer work with animal rescue shelters and programs.

The city of Dover needs someone like Brian Lewis on the City Council who understands the issues we face and is committed to making sure everyone in our community experiences the fullness of a good life here in the city of Dover. Therefore, I encourage voters in the 2nd District to vote for Brian Lewis on Election Day.

The Rev. Erika D. Crawford


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