Daniels: Will ‘Obama’ get a fourth term?


If anyone believes Joe Biden is the president of the United States, their head is buried deep in the sand. What other president would cut short an already extremely short press briefing because he says, “I’m going to get in trouble with staff”? Would an extremely strong, confident president worry about getting in trouble with his handlers? Absolutely not.

During the first two-plus years of Joe’s presidency, we have yet to have a 30- or 60-minute press conference where he answers any and all questions. Even if we did, it wouldn’t have made a difference because the print and news media are nothing more than his sycophants, asking him the very tough question, “What kind of ice cream do you like?”

So who is really running our country? Look around Joe and all you see are Obama and Clinton holdovers — continuing the 2008-16 Obama policies that made us a second-rate nation. Remember, every time you hear a Democrat chastise a Republican for doing or saying something bad, the Dems are just telling you what they’ve already done.

Joe has done absolutely nothing positive to improve the lives of Americans. Individual credit card debt is now over $1.03 trillion. The foolish Republicans who voted for the American Rescue Plan, the infrastructure bill and the Inflation Reduction Act helped create the worst inflation we’ve seen in over 40 years. That inflation has eroded some, but to reduce that exorbitant rate, interest rates have been raised to their highest level in 40 years, and more increases, as is inflation, are on the way.

There are two policies started by Barack Obama and furthered by Joe that are destroying the economy of this country and endangering our national security: the belief in open borders and the insistence that climate change is an existential problem. I could list many more actions by Joe that have supported the decline of our country and its national security, but I believe those two top the list.

Obama is a silver-tongued snake oil salesman who believed that if we “reimagined” the police, we would become a better country and that we were “compassionate” with respect to illegal border crossings. Also, his belief in climate change led to the hundreds of millions of taxpayer money lost — remember Solyndra? Joe can’t talk about anything without his cue cards.

Since Joe took office, we’ve had over 6 million illegal immigrants cross our “closed” border. Only God knows how many more have evaded our Border Patrol. Drownings, rapes, child abuse, the unknown number of got aways and those crossing on the terrorist list mean nothing to Joe and his sycophants, who blame the Republicans for not solving the border problem with “comprehensive border reform.” Don’t let that phrase fool you. It’s language for giving illegal border crossers amnesty, a path to citizenship and, more importantly, the right to vote. That process has already started in some states, as they are giving illegal migrants work permits and driver’s licenses. It won’t be long before the issuance of a driver’s license will automatically register an illegal immigrant to vote. I fear that we will have these foreigners voting in our 2024 elections.

The millions who have illegally crossed the border are bankrupting many of the social services provided by cities and states — the availability of health care (they get it free!), our crumbling educational system and public housing. Just ask the mayors of New York and Chicago. The real cost and pain of being a “sanctuary city” has finally come home to roost. It won’t be long, based on the latest number of illegal border crossings, before close to 10% of our population will be illegal.
The basis for all of Joe’s arguments is that climate change is an existential threat to our society’s well-being. He uses fear-mongering to push climate change and ignores the very real possibility that humans are only a small cog in the aging of our planet’s constant evolution.

Because of Joe’s belief and actions concerning climate change, the monumental wasteful government spending has accumulated during his tenure because it has caused our national debt to balloon to a point where interest payments, especially to China, are taking a larger and larger share of government revenue. What happens when that interest cost is more than the government takes in? Unless we stop annual gross deficit spending, that could happen.

November 2024 isn’t that far away. A vote for Joe is, among other things, a vote for the continuation of Obama’s policies.

Retired U.S. Army Reserve Col. Frank Daniels


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