Speak Up: Permit to purchase, needed or not?


Senate Bill 2 would require Delawareans purchasing a gun to show proof of completing a firearm training course within the last five years in order to receive a purchase permit. They would also complete an application that includes fingerprinting and a background check. Opponents declare it to be unconstitutional overreach, and supporters say it will reduce gun violence. What stance are you taking on the proposed legislation and why?

  • Don’t see a problem requiring basic training but no to fingerprints. Thought background check is already required. — Nabeela Jeanne Black Swartz
  • Thank God they are getting these guns off the streets. Everyone should go under not only a background check but a psychological check, also. You want a gun? Pay for the purchasing permit. It’s what they do in other states, so why the protest in Delaware? — Ruth Hamilton
  • It is unconstitutional to require a permit for any constitutional right — to worship, to speak, to vote, to keep and bear arms, etc. — period. — Chris Slavens
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