Speak Up: Which is your favorite local park?


A planned skate park has been postponed until next year by Dover Parks & Recreation because construction costs are expected to be double what they were when it was first proposed in 2020. Still on schedule are a new Dover Park building and splash pad and a Schutte Park dog facility. What are your favorite recreational facilities to use in parks in your community? What would you like to see added?

  • I like Brecknock. It’s perfect for picnics, and the kiddos play area is great and big. I also love walking out there. — Sandy McDermott Lewis
  • In Milford, we have a magnificent dog park divided into three big areas. A beautiful Riverwalk. So many town celebrations. A great-big farmers market. So many shops and lovely family-owned restaurants. — Denise Sloboda Deskiewicz
  • A skate park in Dover would be great. — Devin Leahey
  • Building a skate park in Dover would be very beneficial for kids and teenagers to stay out of trouble and would create a nice community and positive atmosphere! — Trevor Shelly
  • I would like a skate park to be built in Dover when it was originally proposed to be built. — Jack Guzman
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