Speak Up: Where do you paint?


Artists gathered in both Laurel and New Castle on May 20 for plein-air painting. “En plein-air,” a French phrase meaning “in open air,” is the painting of a landscape or architecture outdoors. Painters gathered at Paint Laurel Plein Air, part of the One-Laurel, One Day community event, and upstate at Paint Historic Old New Castle. Do you paint en plein-air? What’s your favorite painting spot?

• I painted in the Laurel event. My favorite spot is Mirror Lake, looking toward Legislative Hall. Painted there with Jack Lewis and other plein-air friends often. — Delaware Shoppes

• One of my favorite paint spots is behind Sambo’s Tavern. — Teresa Rodriguez

• Wow. With no talent, but if I did, I would choose the Cape Henlopen beaches. Ocean waves, World War II towers. Beautiful. — Denise Sloboda Deskiewicz

• Yes, did this last one. One of the painters fell into the creek. — Wendy Hagan

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