Speak Up: What should we do about the debt ceiling?


Discussions on a budget compromise between President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy were called “productive” by Rep. McCarthy, but a solution to a potential debt default is still pending. The deficit, or how much the government borrows in a year, is different from the national debt, which is the cumulative amount the government has borrowed throughout the nation’s history. The U.S. could start running short of cash soon, and it has been reported that veterans, seniors and government employees would be among the first impacted by a U.S. default. What’s the answer to the debt ceiling crisis?

  • Honestly, raise the debt ceiling. — Ronald Worth
  • The real answer is to take away all salaries first of House of Representatives members, senators, the president and cabinet members. Let them live their wealthy life without backup money. See how fast they solve the problem. Why do they, the people we voted in, always want to punish us first, as they live in their mansions, driving fancy cars and eating the best in the best restaurants? We, the seniors and veterans, have to carry the burden of their stupidity. — Denise Sloboda Deskiewicz
  • Stop spending more than you bring in. We should be working with a balanced budget, and we shouldn’t have massive deficits. — Jonathan Contant
  • Notice the first place they look for cuts is people who need their income, like seniors and military families. I’d say stop the salaries of the politicians. They all have become millionaires since taking office, so it won’t hurt them. I have no confidence in our present political parties. It’s all about looking out for their party and not the American people. — Stan Sipple
  • End the Fed. — Clint Brothers
  • How about they stop spending so much of our money? Why is this even controversial?! — Libertarian Party of Delaware
  • Do Democrats budget their personal finances as well as they do the taxpayers’? — Bob Hice
  • And Republicans. — Libertarian Party of Delaware
  • I’ll agree. Let’s just say “politicians,” but Democrats are far worse. Republicans at least talk about cutting spending, and Democrats talk about raising taxes, so they can spend more. — Bob Hice
  • At least the Dems are honest about it, though. — Libertarian Party of Delaware
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