Speak Up: School board elections are May 9. Are you voting?


Information about the 32 candidates across 11 Delaware school districts participating in the May 9 school board elections can be found at vote411.org. The nonpartisan site provides candidate information, voter registration details, polling place locations and other guidance. Why is it important to vote in school board elections?

  • Even as a retired person in my 70s — obviously, no children — it is important to me, first, to always vote on any subject as a great privilege in the USA. But also for all the children in my district, for them to have a person to represent them and for them to stand for the best for the children and the school district. Education is the most important thing for our future. — Denise Sloboda Deskiewicz

Rain forces changes to Dover’s NASCAR schedule

The rainy weather caused some changes to the recent NASCAR schedule at Dover Motor Speedway. The General Tire 125 ARCA Menards Series East race was moved to Saturday at approximately 4:30 p.m. (FloRacing). It was a doubleheader racing day at the Monster Mile, with the A-GAME 200 NASCAR Xfinity Series Dash 4 Cash race taking the green flag at 1:30 p.m.

  • How long can they postpone a race before they are forced to go to the next track? — Devin Fleet
  • We go as a family event, and my husband’s father has missed the last five races because they’re all rainouts to Monday. — Brittney Rench
  • I am here. Sun is out. Loving it. — Faye Wummer
  • Wasn’t the race always right before or after Memorial Day weekend? Better weather, better turnout — just saying. — Christine Karpovage Rogers
  • Why did they stop doing this track twice a year? — Devin Fleet
  • I forgot it was this weekend. I wasn’t ready. — James Paz
  • We are here, and monsoon rain all day, all night Friday. — Mary Micoretti
  • They said Dover got over 5 inches of rain. — Pete Anthony
  • I believe it. — Mary Micoretti
  • Going to have to do more rescheduling this weekend. — Richard Damron
  • Need to have it in June or July. — Robin Raffa Lynk
  • They should’ve called Saturday night or early Sunday. We drove two-plus hours to get there, and, five minutes later, race gets called! — Herb Himsel
  • They did call it early Sunday. I think it was 10:30 a.m. They normally don’t call a race till late in the day. Then again, anyone looking at weather radar knew that race wasn’t going to go. Most knew Friday and Saturday that Sunday’s race was a no-go. — Bob Hice
  • I was 20 minutes away when they decided to call it. I came from D.C. — Devin Fleet
  • It always rains heavily when there is a race this time of year. We used to go years ago and got rained on every time we went. — Thomas Raynor
  • I agree. Move the race back to the months of June or July! Makes a lot of sense! — Denise Jarmon
  • Please move the Dover race back to June! — Noel Mucha Burris
  • This is the rainy season here. Especially in April and May! Who is in charge of setting the date!? — Denise Jarmon
  • NASCAR sets the dates. — Jamie Stauffer
  • People still watch NASCAR? — Matthew Padgett
  • Move the race till later in May or June. — Justine Hadden
  • Well, this is gonna break some hearts ’cause it’s gonna rain all weekend. And those people out in the tents get rained on. — Adriana Whitt
  • We’re currently sitting in Newark at a Quality Inn and ready for the trek south tomorrow morning. I have a strong feeling, though, it’s gonna get moved to Monday. Tomorrow’s forecast looks pitiful all day. — Mark Wecker
  • More than likely. — Adriana Whitt
  • Move the race back to June (or July), like it was for 50-plus years. — Ray Sharp
  • Just arrived in Rehoboth and was shocked to ride down and see the RVs. It was Memorial weekend when I lived here. — Maleka Turner
  • All the changes in the past 10 years is why I stopped following NASCAR and going to races. — Tina Wright
  • Same. — Ray Sharp
  • It’s dead. — David Lawler
  • I didn’t even know NASCAR was still a thing. — Joey Peters
  • Not gonna happen Sunday. — Joe Black
  • They should change the month. — Emanuel Hodge
  • Another state fair-type weather-related failure. — Keith Wyatt
  • Another day for the casino to bank some money. — Mike Logan
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