Speak Up: ILC Dover to move some operations, reduce workforce


In anticipation of expanding its Space Division, ILC Dover will move some operations to its facility in Mexico by the end of the year. The firm says it needs more room in its Frederica plant, which will be utilized solely for its Space and Engineered Solutions Division. With that, ILC’s Life Sciences manufacturing will relocate to Juarez. Company spokeswoman Natalie Hines said Monday that, eventually, around 140 employees may be affected by the transition. Approximately 430 individuals in the area work for ILC Dover, either remotely or in person.

  • All that is missing is the hackneyed phrase, “we’re sorry for the inconvenience.”— Dover Hartman
  • It appears, once again, that businesses are leaving the United States, primarily for financial reasons. — Ellen Hart Richardson
  • Why? Isn’t there any place in the USA that this operation can be moved to? Wait, is the real reason “cheap labor”? Thought our president said businesses are moving back to the USA! Guess he missed this one. — Cindy Christiansen
  • Juarez may be one of the most dangerous places on Earth. — Bob Hice
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