Speak Up: Delaware Democratic leadership reintroduces permit-to-purchase bill, Round 2


Democratic leaders have once again introduced a bill requiring a permit to purchase handguns in the First State. Senate Bill 2 was introduced April 19 and would allow Delawareans to buy a handgun only if they have completed a firearm training course within the last five years and have obtained a legal permit. Under the new bill, residents would have to submit a permit application to the State Bureau of Identification, who must fingerprint the applicant, confirm their legal eligibility and issue a handgun qualified purchaser permit for the transaction within 30 days.

  • A permit is unconstitutional. It is a “right,” granted by the Second Amendment, to own a firearm, and that right shall not be infringed. Requiring a permit infringes on that right. Another problem is, you may have a threat to your life, such as ex-husband, fiance, etc., and you need a firearm to protect yourself. Another point: It is just another opportunity for government to control you, which is the very reason the Second Amendment exists. — Bob Hice
  • It also hurts the poor who are following the law. Shall not infringe. — Howard Gaines III
  • Our right does not require anything. People should train, but our rights should not be restricted by it. — Delaware Tactical
  • What are you guys afraid of? — Holly Webb
  • As you give rights up little by little, next thing you know, they are gone, and you can’t get them back. Statistics do not show that a waiting period does a single thing to reduce death. The thought is that a person will cool down. But the stats aren’t there to show that has happened. — Delaware Tactical
  • Just cannot understand the harm in being permitted and why any lawful gun owner would oppose it. Do you think someone who has never fired a gun before should be allowed to own one without training? Do you oppose all regulations that could help keep guns out of the wrong hands? Unless you are hiding something, what’s the harm? Stop thinking of only yourselves! — Holly Webb
  • I should not have to take a training class for the right to defend myself. And training is worthless without continuous training and practice. One time is nothing. — Delaware Tactical
  • Why should we have to pay more money for a firearm because you are scared? Open your eyes. This isn’t about guns. It’s about control. They will set one price, and then, it will go up every year or every six months. If this goes through, send the bill to all of these anti-gun politicians and add $1,000 per permit. — Tyray Leager
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