Speak Up: Bowers Beach native Myers taking ‘Wing’ with new movie, TV shows


Throughout Rocky Myers’ career, he has said work begets work.

If that’s true, he should be a busy man. The Bowers Beach native has been in the acting business on the West Coast for 13 years. During that time, he’s made steady progress getting roles.

But lately, he’s been all over the screen. Aside from two recent parts on network TV shows, “Quantum Leap” and “NCIS: Hawai’i,” Mr. Myers is featured in a new movie on Amazon Prime, titled “On a Wing and a Prayer.”

  • I just watched “On a Wing and a Prayer” the other night. Great movie! — Becky West
  • Great movie! — Cindy Christiansen
  • Wonderful movie. Well acted! — Carole Stevens Langiu
  • This was a really good movie. — Belinda Drummond
  • Way to go, Rocky Myers! — Erin Nashae Esquer
  • Related to Gil? — Della Ray
  • His son. — Faye Neeman Smith
  • I had Gil as a teacher in school. Great man! — Della Ray
  • Gil Myers had great stories when he was my teacher. He made extra efforts to connect with the students. — June Jam
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