SOCIAL COMMENTARY: Dover tax increase

Here’s a selection of opinions and reactions readers have shared at and Readers reacted to Tuesday’s story and commentary by Dover City Council President Timothy Slavin regarding Dover City Council’s passing of a 19.9 percent property tax increase Monday night: •Why not look for revenue sources other than on the backs of homeowners, e.g., an entertainment tax on concert tickets, room tax at hotels, etc.? — Elaine Venable •Great, so if you are a resident of the City of Dover and a business owner in the city of Dover, you get a double whammy! Maybe we should move our business outside the limits. — Linda Belanger Deaton •I have a great idea to trim money. How about get rid of the tulip and tree budget and stop sinking money into the (library). — M.J. O’Connor •I know I will be moving out of the city as soon as possible! It’s “only” a $1 a day, well I didn’t get a $1 a day raise! Those dollars add up pretty quickly when taxes, electric, water, sewer, groceries, gas, etc keep going up and my pay is stagnant! — MaryAnne Detz Funk •Back in 1976, California homeowners have had enough of high property taxes and voted Prop 13 in. — Dennis Laible •It is making it harder and harder to own anything. I pay my taxes, own a home and pay school taxes (I have no children in schools) and we continue to be the ones that are always hit the hardest. But yet the pay scale for hard workers do not go up And you wonder why people struggle now and downtown Dover is horrible/run down. People cant afford to live and have anything nice anymore. — Deborah Land Faulkner •Of course it passed. When all else fails, just increase the rates for the homeowners. Typical. — Lauren Elise Durk

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