Seeing 'Sleepers' at Everett will be worth it, creator says

By Craig Anderson
Posted 5/20/24

MIDDLETOWN — A sparsely funded production doesn’t necessarily mean a low quality film will result.

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Seeing 'Sleepers' at Everett will be worth it, creator says

Actor Arianna Fox explains what to expect when watching the film "Sleepers."


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MIDDLETOWN — A sparsely funded production doesn’t necessarily mean a low-quality film will result.

Writer, executive producer and director Mike Fox believes his action-packed, suspense movie “Sleepers” will be appreciated upon its release.

The red carpet premiere comes June 14 at 7 p.m. at the Everett Theatre in the downtown area, where audience members can decide for themselves.

There’s high hope that the roughly 93-minute family-friendly flick will be picked up by Netflix, Lionsgate or another entertainment company after the public sees it, Mr. Fox said.

“After, we are scouting on finding the best option for either an investor to pick up for national release, or, a distributor to help for domestic and foreign streaming release,” he said of his creation.

When budgeting his limited dollars, Mr. Fox said he used Netflix-approved gear and hired experienced choreographers to make it all mesh.

“It’s an ultra-low budget film but we were creative and stretched our resources into a much higher quality film equivalent to what would be a much higher budget” said the Milford resident.

Everett Theatre board of directors president Lee Edgar believes “Sleepers” will fit in nicely with the venue’s entertainment offerings.

“Engaging with independent filmmakers really brings out the artistry that we like to focus on. So this very much aligns with what the Everett does,” Mr. Edgar said.

“One of the nice things is that it allows us the delivery of being able to expose our patrons to the different forms of films. So it’s a new audience every time we bring in a new act, if you will.”

The film’s plot centers around a school-aged Russian girl Anya planted within the United States to wreak havoc within the country once unleashed by her handlers.

Mr. Fox’s daughter Arianna Fox, 17, plays the lead role of Anya. His spouse Trisha Fox is the first assistant director.

The plot recap on sleepersthemovie.com explains that “Anya doesn’t lose.

“As a trained, groomed Russian sleeper agent excelling and outperforming all others, she’s ready to be planted in America and wait for activation to reign terror from within. Indoctrinated by Russian overseers and educators lead by head overseer Dmitri, who rules with a cold, iron fist, painfully conditioning children with no mercy, and his assistant, the liaison to American organizations, Mila.

“Anya lives and breathes for mother Russia with the narrative drilled into her to destroy the lies of the American way of life.

“Until she sees what Americans are really like and comes face to face with a choice she was never trained or prepared for. As she experiences what living free in America can bring, she quickly realizes that what they drilled into her mind and heart is far different than what she sees first hand.

“But for the first time she actually feels – and experiences – what American life really is: A life full of freedom, friendship, family, love.

“She must come face to face with a choice: Either continue being a sleeper and wait for activation, or defect and become an American teen, experience what life was meant to be.”

The movie was awarded a Vision International Film Festival Certificate in 2023 for best trailer.

Mr. Fox said he’s especially pleased with “the action, the stunt and fighting because we had certified stunt choreographers that had been around for 20 years for doing fight scenes, rolls, flips, kicks and punches.”

Tickets for the show at The Everett, 47 W. Main St. range from $12 to $75 and can be purchased at simpletix.com.

For information on the film, visit crystalfoxfilms.com, call 302-399-7851 or email director@crystalfoxfilms.com.

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