Nothing new coming from 'Hillary 3.0'

The “king” is disgraced and the false “queen” believes it is her destiny to rule. Hillary’s blatant audacity and arrogance in announcing her run to rule is a direct and purposeful slap in the face of the very people she expects to put her in control. As a candidate claiming to have experience, I offer the following as grist for the mill. Being the first lady equals no experience; being a senator from New York equals no experience, having authored no legislation or influencing the outcome of any legislation, as Secretary of State equals zero success except “What difference could it possibly make now?” as regards the Benghazi fiasco, and the e-mail debacle equals typical and practiced disregard for the conventions of regulations and directives pertaining to leadership and responsibility. Since she has arrived on the political scene, she has cloaked all her activities in self-protective secrecy dating back to the Whitewater scandal. There is the amazing stock market manipulation of a mere $1,000 in cattle futures into a fortune in an impossibly short time frame. There is the fact that she claimed being broke when leaving the White House, only to bamboozle the American people via tax dollars into paying the mortgage on a huge estate in Chappaqua, N.Y. Hillary 3.0 is nothing more than a clone of Hillary 1.0 with a new delusional surface covering. The new and personable persona hides the old disdainful and hateful Hillary. She still wants to destroy our Constitution; she still wants to cripple our military to ineffectiveness; leaving the nation vulnerable to foreign intervention; she still supports making the nation totally dependent on government handouts; she supports a one-world government under the control of the U.N.; and most of all, she desires to remove our Second Amendment rights. The worst part of all this is the sheeple who blindly idolize the fact that a woman is running for the presidency. They refuse to see this woman for the phony she is. Yes, the sheeple could support a woman president, just not this woman. However, the sick mainstream media will undoubtedly fully support her campaign exclusively at the expense of fair and unbiased reporting of opponents. She knows the memory of the people is about as long as a broken pencil point. By election time, all these egregious errors will be completely forgotten, and once again, the very few will dictate what the many shall do. Pay attention, apply a bit of common sense and knowledge in the coming election campaigns, and let us hope we can reclaim our country and repair the damage done in the past six years.

Harry Todd Harrington

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