LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Postpone renaming of Dover High Stadium

The Capital District School Board has long been a model of non-transparency and non-accountability to the community. This week, they will again defend that sad reputation by naming the Dover High School football stadium for past Superintendent Michael Thomas. You didn’t know that was in the works? Well, you are not alone. They will take this vote with no public input, no public discussion, and no sense of what the community might choose to see displayed for years and years as they visit the stadium or just pass by. I hope the board will postpone this vote until the public has an opportunity to consider the available options and make their views known. One additional thought: As the Capital District heads toward another referendum to raise our taxes (again!), would the board consider selling the naming rights to the stadium? This choice might well raise a significant sum, and also benefit a local public-minded business. At the very least, we should insist that the board members pause and consult with community members before deciding this issue. If you agree, please contact the board or plan to attend the board meeting today, Tuesday, July 14 at 7:30 p.m. Make sure your voice is heard!

Mickey McKay Dover

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