Letter to the Editor: Vaccine distribution process needs work


The reason that there is inequity in the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is that there is not a solid plan. It is left up to the abilities of those who need the vaccine to try and find out how to access it.

Gov. John Carney and the Delaware Division of Public Health can talk all they want about the distribution system for the vaccine, but the whole thing is a shell game. First, the average resident must find out what organization has a supply of the vaccine. There is no information from the state as to which organization to contact. If you then find a supplier, you then go to the fishing hole to throw in your line. You think you know the fish are there, but you must keep casting to hopefully catch a time to land the fish.

If you registered with the state, you received an acknowledgement. You were told to wait and look for an email from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. What happens then is you must try to register to receive the vaccine. That, as well, is not an efficient process. What happens if you overlook an email or some filter does not allow it to post to your account? Is there a follow-up to make sure you received your notification? Who knows?

The coronavirus is a severe health issue, and the legislature is having hearings about legalizing marijuana. Get your priorities straight.

This process should receive the top attention of all officials to make sure the COVID-19 vaccine is administered properly and efficiently.

William Bogel


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