Letter to the Editor: After indictments, Trump plays ‘martyr’


The dear leader of “Make America Great Again” is finally reaching the endgame of his “face the music” moment that we all have been waiting for. The last 37 indictments from Jack Smith have Donald Trump facing at least 20 years in prison.

So what does any self-respecting extreme narcissist do? He calls out Smith and, by extension, the entire rule of law (with the exception of his buddies on the Supreme Court), as being anti-Trump and touts himself as the innocent victim, calling for his followers to defend him. In short, he is doing his best martyr imitation. Unfortunately, he can’t do the full Joan of Arc thing because that would not allow him the pleasure of fleecing his flock and playing emperor. It’s tough being a combo martyr/grifter/ruler.

Will his MAGA minions show how much they care for their self-proclaimed savior? When will they realize that all they are to him are pawns to get him to first place? One more time, we have reason to worry, but this time, it’s not about solving the so-called debt ceiling crisis. All these people have been encouraged to arm themselves with weapons that are not for hunting woodchucks, and several times a week, via a rash of mass shootings, they’re shown examples of how effective these weapons are at mowing down children and people.

Is it all about taking orders from a twice-impeached germaphobe, who has shown a propensity for collecting indictments for things such as paying off a porn star and keeping classified documents in his bathroom, and is on his way to adding to his collection with alleged election fraud and an attempted coup? I worry that his MAGA followers have no limit to what they are willing to sacrifice in service to this man.

Frederick Longacre


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