Letter to the Editor: Tax incentives could lure much-needed health providers to Delaware


Adequate health care is a concern for everyone, including Delaware’s politicians. Delaware is a growing state, which it seems is what politicians like. Since I moved to Delaware two years ago, I have experienced a big problem with Delaware’s health care system. The problem is the shortage of health care providers. Not hospitals, but the offices of dentists and all other types of doctors.

The problem affects everybody in the state, but it dramatically affects senior citizens and anyone with a health problem, and is much worse for anyone who has just moved here. Finding a doctor who is accepting new patients is extremely difficult or impossible. I have been told they could see me in three months, and one said in four months.

My proposal is tax incentives. Over the years, many states have used tax incentives to bring businesses to their state. I am suggesting the state of Delaware offer two or three years of zero tax on any new medical-providing business. They could also offer reduced startup costs for fees and any licenses. This should attract them to move to our state. It is all the startup costs that hold many doctors from moving to a new location and to build up clientele.

So why not make Delaware very tempting? There must be a few politicians in the state that are willing to look out for the people, and at the same time, it would be a plus for Delaware on sites that list the pros and the cons of any state.

Sal Torregrossa


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