Letter to the Editor: Tax district funding will benefit libraries locally


Regarding the article “Supporters learn about future Duck Creek Regional Library” (April 12), I would like to add that the city of Harrington is equally enthused about the new Harrington Public Library.

After decades, with the help of American Rescue Plan Act and state funding, we will move our current library from a funeral home into a modern building that will be a boon for everyone in the community.

I would also like to address creating a library tax district to fund the increased operating costs for a newer library. The Duck Creek Regional Library and the Harrington Public Library are attempting to use existing legislation to create a library tax district. There is a current library tax for Kent County property owners outside the city limits of Harrington, Dover and Smyrna that goes to all Kent County libraries. The creation of library tax districts would distribute the library tax money in a different fashion. Instead of local tax money funding all public libraries in Kent County, funds generated in our school district boundaries would go directly to the local public library for operations.

The Harrington Public Library is the only public library within the boundaries of the Lake Forest School District and strives to provide services to everyone living within the borders of Lake Forest. The library is seeking to use the monies from a current fund to bolster local library services for the entirety of the community.

The Lake Forest community deserves a public library that boasts study rooms, meeting spaces, a makerspace room and updated areas for young people. We can help fund the library with library tax districts, a more equitable way to fund all Kent County libraries. We want our tax dollars to directly impact our community, and there is no better positive force in the community than our public library.

Duane E. Bivans

Mayor of Harrington

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