Letter to the Editor: Simplicity could be key to greater America


Simplicity can be a wonderful virtue. It can have the power to create loving relations for everyone. Unfortunately, we too often mistakenly believe stories that do not have any basis in fact. Disinformation has too often created hateful relations, dividing us.

Communicating positively with our fellow human beings is becoming a lost art. People here and there in my daily interactions have been telling me fake stories over the last few months that are illustrative of how the seeds of division have continued to be planted.

The “herd instinct” is running rampant, where everyone is agreeing with the viewpoints of the alleged leader of the flock, whether or not these viewpoints are true or false. Where are our independent thinkers?

Three examples of these falsehoods come to mind. First, someone saying that President Joe Biden has been breaking up the labor unions in New York, replacing them with “right-to-work” laws. The fact is that Biden has always been pro-union. Second: Someone saying that Biden gave Poland nuclear technology paid by our taxpayers. Actually, Westinghouse Electric Co. has a contract to build a nuclear reactor in Poland. And another: The allegation that Russia’s sovereignty is being infringed upon by NATO, giving them the right to attack Ukraine.

These tales are simply aimed at distracting us from our “most important issues” that need to be resolved to create a better world for everyone.

Keeping Social Security and Medicare solvent for the next 50 years or more can easily be implemented by simply raising the income taxes for those making $400,000 or more. Biden’s “Build Back Better” and bipartisan-passed “infrastructure” program will be creating better-paying union jobs to level the playing field, leading to a prosperous middle class in America. Why criticize that!?

The solutions are simple, but the roadblocks have been immense, due to Republican resistance to raising taxes. The true “replacement theory,” giving all Americans equal opportunity to achieve the American dream, appears to be anathema to most of them. They would have to share the power structure they call “making America great again” for the richest among us. Simplicity can be a wonderful virtue!

Bill Clemens


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