Letter to the Editor: Reader hopes his “Blue Wave” becomes a trend


In small-town USA, it’s not unusual to see folks wave to each other as they pass by. Currently, folks who drive Corvettes wave as they pass on the roadway, in recognition of something in common.

So, about six months ago, I began my own “wave” project I call “Blue Wave.” Each time I pass a Dover police vehicle, I try to generate a friendly wave to the officer(s).

Recently, while stopped at a traffic light, a motorcycle officer turned in my direction, and I waved. The officer responded with a generous, affirmative “head-nod.”

How might it affect our officers if this became a routine event from motorists? I suggest everyone try it. You may not always get a response, since they basically have their heads on a figurative swivel. Who knows? You might make their day!

W.W. Hensley


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