Letter to the Editor: Reader has questions about electric vehicles and the Delaware mandate


In response to the electric vehicle mandate, I have written to the governor, to Shawn Garvin and to the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control website for giving comments. I also attended both electric vehicle town halls in Kent County, and the safety factor was mentioned numerous times.

When a lithium battery can explode under certain circumstances beyond our control, when there are questions as to how to put out an electrical fire, when the many Delawareans do not want this mandate, when there are people who cannot afford an electric vehicle and all that goes with it, and when these facts do not persuade our governor or DNREC, I can only conclude that the issue is not electric vehicles and the environment. It is about their control and power over us.

If I recall correctly, one issue not mentioned at the town halls was the electromagnetic fields emitted from the batteries. The first manufacturers of these cars had complaints from the purchasers because these fields were interfering with AM radio reception. Instead of trying to correct the problem, these manufacturers simply removed the AM radios. Are unsuspecting owners subject to electromagnetic fields, about which there is no consensus regarding harm to health? The prudent thing to do would be to err on the side of caution and come up with another design, even if it means not meeting a deadline.

I would like to know how there can be a mandate when there is no emergency. Climate change is not an emergency, even though some try to portray it as such.

Regulatory agencies have no lawmaking power and are run by unelected bureaucrats. They should not be allowed to usurp this power from the legislature.

Lorrie Gloede

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