Letter to the Editor: PLUS reviews give valuable info to neighbors of proposed development


Editor’s note: The following was sent to members of the Delaware Senate on April 12.

I’m writing to you to voice my objection to House Bill 104, which would eliminate the Preliminary Land Use Service (PLUS) review requirement for developments wholly or partially located in state Investment Levels 1 and 2.

The passage of HB 104 will have adverse effects throughout the state but especially in environmentally sensitive areas of Investment Levels 3 and 4; and I fear that it will set a precedent that would ultimately lead to the complete elimination of the PLUS review in those areas, as well, which would be disastrous.

The review produces a valuable report, consisting of evaluations made by specialists in the state’s various agencies, and it is the only unbiased and expert information available to the public. This is an often overlooked but important benefit of the Preliminary Land Use Service process: to give citizens an opportunity to get information about upcoming development projects and to gain knowledge and understanding of the effect the project would have on the surrounding area. With the knowledge gained from this report, residents living in or near the area can provide insight to our local government representatives on how the development will impact their community and the local environment — impacts that the developers and county officials may not be aware of.

Like my fellow residents throughout the state, I am witnessing the alarming rate at which many subdivisions are being approved and built without regard to the increase in traffic, the loss of trees and farmland, and other negative impacts. The need for both housing and business developments must be balanced with preserving a healthy and safe environment.

Your constituents want to be involved in all land use decisions that will affect their neighborhoods and environs, and the Preliminary Land Use Service review provides a priceless tool that allows them to do so.

Please vote against HB 104.

Thank you.

Susan Petze-Rosenblum


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