Letter to the Editor: Our constitutional republic is dying, thanks to zero leadership


In 2008, we elected a suave and debonair-speaking politician who believed this country was basically racist and needed, in his words, “hope and change.” Sitting at his side and learning how to further Barack Obama’s plans was the consummate career politician, who is anything but suave and debonair, Joe Biden, our current president.

Biden’s inaugural speech of unification has driven a spike in the hearts of most Americans and only unified the far left, those who believe in the religion of climate change and the fringes of the LGBTQ community. I believe his election also affirmed the work of a billionaire, George Soros, who is funding the destruction of our legal system. To further the beliefs of former President Obama, President Biden has filled his Cabinet with believers of the groups identified above, and through their manipulation of our government bureaucracy, they have instituted regulations designed to further their goals of complete government control of our society.

Our Southern border is wide-open, nothing is being done to reduce the number of fentanyl deaths, inflation is still rampant, prices everywhere are increasing, our educational system is failing to educate our nation’s youth, and our president has made this country the laughingstock of the world. An example of that last comment is that he championed the appointment of a woman to the Supreme Court who couldn’t even define who or what a woman is.

I totally believe in the office of the president of the United States. Unfortunately, the current occupant of that office is proving to be nothing more than a terrible embarrassment. In a little over two years, his socialistic policies have managed to destroy our energy independence, introduce woke-ism into our vaunted military, politicize every facet of our government, ignore threats against a sitting Supreme Court justice, send the FBI and the Department of Justice to spy on conservative Catholics and parents who voiced their opposition to school board policies, balloon our national debt to dangerous levels, and separate Americans more than any other president in history.

A president should be able to eloquently discuss and provide factual arguments to the American public when it comes to his fiscal, monetary and foreign policy issues. When is the last time President Biden held a full news conference where he answered every question asked and was able to fully explain all three of those policy issues? The sad reality is that it hasn’t happened, and his handlers won’t ever let that happen. I believe Joe Biden doesn’t have the mental capacity or eloquent speech capability to discuss any of those policy issues. While Obama would have been able to expertly dance around any question thrown at him concerning any of those three issues, I am not sure our current president can even spell those three words.

I take no joy in writing that last paragraph. The hard reality is that President Biden is quickly destroying our constitutional republic with policies that are anything, in my opinion, except unifying for the majority of the American public. The only consistency in his incoherent speeches is to constantly attack the Republican Party and any American who may believe in the policies instituted by former President Donald Trump. He does nothing to try and unify the American public because he is nothing more than an attack dog for the Washington elite.

Unfortunately, Delaware’s three congressional representatives, Sens. Chris Coons and Tom Carper and Congresswoman Lisa Blunt-Rochester, all Democrats, are ardent and hard-core supporters of President Biden and his socialistic policies.

Recently Joe announced, via a taped message versus a press conference, his intention to run for reelection in 2024. Why announce in a taped message versus talking to the American public in person?

I hope that every voting American puts aside the political rhetoric that will run rampant in this election cycle and focus solely on the policies of the presidential candidates. A vote for Joe and any Democrat running means the continued policies of socialism, more insane government spending and inflation, an open border, more fentanyl deaths, the religion of climate change, woke-ism, a continued reliance on China to keep our economy running, a degrading educational system that is indoctrinating our children and lawlessness. If that’s what you want, pull the Democrat lever. However, understand that our children and grandchildren will suffer immensely from the failure to focus on policy versus personality.

Retired U.S. Army Reserve Col. Frank Daniels


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