Letter to the editor: Otherwise-perfect Dover Days marred by vendor display


The 90th anniversary of the Dover Days Festival was perfect, except for one thing.

Dover is my hometown, and I never expected to see flags flying on The Green that disrespected our president with sexual innuendo.

We came up from Lewes with a 6-year-old boy who can read. I had to distract him, so he wouldn’t see the flags that said, “Joe Biden sucks,” on them. He knows this is a bad word, and he would be reprimanded if he said it.

It was very disappointing to see that a vendor was selling these flags right in front of the maypole where children congregate. Why was the vendor given such a prime spot, anyway?

It’s very sad how low people will go to push their political agenda, especially at a family-friendly festival such as Dover Days.

Helen Flood


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