Letter to the editor: No American child should go hungry at school 


With the amount of food American farmers grow and raise (and the amount that goes to waste or is thrown out), no American should ever go hungry. No one should go hungry if they engage the services and helping hands of our:

  • Food banks.
  • Food pantries.
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.
  • Meals on Wheels.
  • Families and friends.
  • Neighbors.
  • Churches.
  • Community organizations, nonprofits, etc.

And we can add to that list: schools!

It used to be the responsibility of parents to feed their children. But, as with other things today, schools are assuming traditional parenting roles, including feeding the students.

But either way — the parents are probably going to pay for it through the school portion of their property taxes (see note below), the only difference being that property owners without school-age children are also helping foot the bill. And many seniors get a break on their school taxes at age 65 because they’ve retired and have already paid their fair share.

The article, “Panel discusses bill that would provide free breakfast, lunch to all Del. students” (May 26), states that it would cost an additional $32 million to fund the free-food initiative, but they don’t specify where those tax dollars would come from (possibly other state revenues).

I was always against “free” and “reduced-price” lunches (and now breakfasts). Not because I (if I’m lucky enough to be well-off) didn’t want to feed those kids, but because, if you’re going to feed someone else’s kids with my tax dollars, you’re going to feed my kids with my tax dollars. And, if they’re using some of my income tax to fund it, that’s OK, too. All kids should eat for free.

So my bottom line is that I support feeding all the students. Just make sure they eat all their fruits and vegetables.

No child in America should go hungry!

John Ogorzalek


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