Letter to the Editor: Lawmakers should vote down proposed Seaford charter changes


Editor’s note: The following was also sent to members of the Delaware Senate on Wednesday.

Everyone knows the Seaford mayor and City Council’s record: an illegal right-to-work ordinance, an illegal fetal-remains ordinance.

Now, they are seeking referendum elimination (House Bill 107) and nonperson voting (House Substitute 1 for House Bill 121), both of which are part of an anti-democratic power grab.

HB 107 will likely “pop up” for consideration in the Senate at any time. This charter change would confiscate 5,000-plus voters’ approval by referendum and allow hand-approval by five City Council members for spending up to $25 million. This would be a serious mistake, furthering the mayor and City Council’s desire to rule, not govern.

HS 1 for HB 121 proposes to enfranchise nonpersons (limited liability companies, corporations, trusts, etc.) and is now being considered in the House of Representatives. If it passes with two-thirds’ approval, Sen. Bryant Richardson, R-Seaford, will likely try to get this bill before the Senate before the legislative session ends Friday.

The possible injection of 230-plus nonperson voters into very low-turnout (less than 350 in both 2023 and ’21) Seaford elections is an existential threat to governance norms in Seaford. Again, this would be a serious mistake, as it would help to further cement the mayor and City Council’s goal to rule, not govern.

Please vote no on HB 107 and HS 1 for HB 121!

Thank you.

Dan Cannon


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