Letter to the Editor: Incoming Dover city councilman thanks supporters


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who came out to vote and support me April 18, to once again serve as your city councilman representing the 2nd District. I would especially like to thank God for blessing me with the opportunity to serve his people in this position and my family, pastors, friends and volunteers for standing by me throughout the whole election process. I am forever grateful for their loyalty and passion.

I am ready and more determined than ever to serve the citizens of not only the 2nd District but all of Dover. During the next four years, I intend to work hard as your councilman and focus on listening to the voices of the community. With your help and guidance, together, we can make Dover become a model city that others will want to emulate. We already have a rich history and cultural diversity to build off.

There are new opportunities awaiting us, and I am excited to serve our community as best I can and will strive to achieve all the goals I promised and unite not divide.

Remember, the power belongs to you, the people, and I am honored to serve as your voice.

Councilman-elect Brian E. Lewis


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