Letter to the Editor: EVs: Delaware residents not ready for mandate, the technology isn’t either


I am opposed to the electric vehicle mandate, first and foremost, because it’s un-American. Neither the governor nor a government agency has the constitutional power to make laws, and there is no emergency.

We don’t have the power or infrastructure to meet this goal. There are already rolling blackouts in California. Delaware does not have an air pollution problem like California. So why should we follow California?

There are new rules for electric vehicles to qualify for a “clean vehicle tax credit,” one of which is that the vehicle be new. These vehicles are very expensive; how will people living paycheck to paycheck in this time of high inflation afford such a car?

The technology is not ready. "The tailpipe may be emissions-free, but the emissions generated by the high-voltage battery pack under the floor pans and the electric motor are powerful enough to interfere with AM radio reception, causing customer complaints. To remedy (or hide) the problem, Ford and Tesla are no longer offering AM radios in their electric vehicles. This way, no one will notice the electromagnetic fields generated and will feel safe” (The New American, April 14). No one knows for sure if they are.

If EVs are so good, there should be no reason to bribe or mandate their purchase; the free market will take care of that.

We are told that 73% of residents are opposed to banning the sale of new cars powered by gasoline and diesel (February phone survey by Ragnar Research Partners). Our representatives are listening to us; as our employee, our governor should, also.

Lorrie Gloede


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