Letter to the Editor: Delaware needs to do more regarding gun safety


Delaware is one of the “easiest” states in which to buy a gun and carry a gun, according to the National Rifle Association.

Gun safety advocates agree.

No permit is required to buy a gun. No license is required. No registration is required. No permit to carry a rifle or shotgun is required.

Delaware enacted legislation in 2022 to regulate assault weapons and large-capacity magazines — but that’s not enough.

Our state has the fifth-highest rate of gun violence in the U.S.! An average of 111 people die and 577 are wounded by guns in Delaware each year. Guns are the leading cause of death among our children and teens. Gun deaths and injuries cost Delaware $1.4 billion annually.

It’s getting worse! Delaware’s rate of gun deaths increased 75% from 2011-20, compared to a 33% increase nationwide. Our rate of gun homicides increased 153%, compared to a 70% increase nationwide.

The impact of gun violence extends far beyond those who are killed or physically injured. From city streets to rural Delaware, countless thousands of other Delawareans witness gun violence, are threatened with a gun or know or care for someone wounded or killed.

The vast majority of people support commonsense gun safety controls. It’s time for our state legislators to take action.

Rich Wieland


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