Letter to the Editor: Chinese military base in Cuba conjures thoughts of missile crisis


There have been high-level discussions between China and Cuba regarding China building a military base in Cuba, 90 miles from the Florida shores. This knowledge is reminiscent of the Cuban crisis of October 1962, thirteen days when America was glued to the media for further information of the Soviet ships heading to Cuba.

Fear filled the hearts of all Americans. What was the answer to the question of “how do we stop this dangerous event”? It was answered by American President Jack Kennedy. He and his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, knew that picking up the phone to Moscow could solve this life-threatening problem. Jack Kennedy did just that. He spoke with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, concluding in the effective ending of the Cuban crisis, with the Soviet ships turning around and heading for home. Jack Kennedy was a hero and saved American lives.

We now are experiencing what could be another forthcoming tragedy, if the Chinese troops are 90 miles away from Florida. What should be done? Should American President Joe Biden contact China’s (forever) President Xi Jinping and end this dangerous status for America? It certainly would appear to be the solution to this deadly dilemma. Will Joe Biden actually consider this action? Time will tell, but one must be aware that Joe Biden is no Jack Kennedy. Does he have the intestinal fortitude to perform this action that was effective in the past? He, as yet, has not proven he maintains the ability to perform this necessary act. Will inaction and the “do nothing” attitude maintain tranquility and American national security?

China only respects strength and power. The last visit by American Secretary of State Antony Blinken proved exactly that. No positive conclusions were reached. China knew they had emerged the winner. Nothing they wanted to discuss was ever spoken with the Americans. As the Cuban crisis II is coming to American shores, we must prevail in this dire situation. No compromises made with the Chinese military a short 90 miles from American shores. Strength must be shown to China in order to achieve a positive Chinese response. Weakness will never perpetrate the correct connection with this powerful Chinese republic.

America’s president needs another Jack Kennedy approach to save our national security. China takes no prisoners!

May God bless the United States of America!

Beverly E. Monahan


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