Letter to the Editor: Bodycams would help with police reform


I agree strongly with the Letter to the Editor printed on regarding the need for police reform, written by Charlotte King and Clara S. Licata (“Justice group says $20M grant uses should include police reform,” April 23).

It goes without saying that the police have a very difficult and dangerous job. However, it is very easy to lose sight of one’s perspective when dealing with the negative elements within our society on a day-to-day basis. The need for further training regarding the aforementioned goes without saying.

Along with that training should be a more practical requirement. Police in the field nationwide have a variety of specialized equipment at their disposal, which is used when they are called into potentially dangerous situations. I suggest that every police officer who works in the field be required to wear a bodycam while on duty. Doing so will strongly remind officers that they’re dealing with the public and will be monitored.

I have nothing but praise for our police. It is the kind of job that is so dangerous one never knows what will transpire when they are called into action. In my humble opinion, I believe that wearing a bodycam while on duty will work both ways. It offers the police the evidence that they acted correctly in any given situation, while also being a factual accounting for the public regarding what has transpired.

Peter Graffagnino


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